Thursday, June 4, 2009

More health issues

Seriously, I am so effing finished with my health. I am trying to figure out if I can pay someone to just hallow me out and put someone else's insides in me. I mean really, with my crappy health insurance I need to do this all in one lump and then I will be well. And I am tired of the pain. I mean's usually something causing me pain that leads me to the doctor, then once I go to the doctor they wanna run test, test come back that they need to cut on me again. Do we see the pain and expense? Every step is painful and every step cost money. I have asked Tom several times to take an exacto knife and take care of issues. But will he...oh no. Apparently he doesn't have a medical degree so he thinks that makes some kind of difference.

So, I know at this point you may be thinking "Why's she going to be cut open now?" Well, I am not actually going to be cut open. Because it's a girl issue. YUCK! I am having something similar to a D&C and a Hysteroscopy. Now those of you that know medical stuff will know that these aren't big deals. But it's just one more thing. More pain, more expense, more being put under, and I am over it.

On top of that, for the week I have had this pain. Now, this pain is under the scar where I had the surgery last August. So, I go feeling around and yes again there is a lump forming. WTF? I know that my surgeon said that it was a possibility that it would come back. But in less than a year. Grrrr...I haven't told my OBGYN about it. I probably will before I have the other procedure because he may be able to do both at once. Or he may just decide to do a hysterectomy.

And for those of you keeping track, I am also going to the kidney doctor later this month. Before I left Indiana my doctor did a 24 hour urinalysis and said that I seemed to be pouring a lot of protein. He said to have it checked when I got down here. So, once I found a doctor down here I told him. He did a check and when the results came back he didn't even call me. Instead he had his office make me an appointment with a kidney doctor. Which tells me that things haven't gotten better. But I am back on my blood pressure medication. So, instead of having a BP of 176/90 I tested it today and it was 112/69. Hopefully that will help some.

And I am freaking tired of going to new doctor's and going through all of those effing medical questions. Seriously, when I went to the last doctor I went over all of the medical questions. While I was waiting for the doctor I ended up having to find the nurse twice to tell her about things that I had forgotten. And then I left and on the way home I realized I hadn't told her about the pre-cancerous cells I had removed from my arm.

Yup...I am over it. Anyone wanna trade bodies?

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's been a while

OK, so I have been harassed about not having blogged...well at all. So, here we go. I am really going to try to be better at blogging, but I doubt that I will be. HA!

I am going to try not to make this a book, but I have got a great story that I have to share. I won a trip to The Summit. A huge training weekend dealio with my company. All expenses paid, and you get lots of knowledge to take back to the field. So, YAY!

I decided that even though the company would pay for my to go to The Summit, because this year it was being hosted in Louisville, KY I would drive and bring the boys up with me. Prior to us leaving, one of my co-workers asked me if I would mind taking a terminal with us so he wouldn't have to worry about it going through security. No problem. I am gullible and nice like that.

When we get to Louisville, I gave the terminal to the co-worker and went on with my conference. At the end of the conference, he gave me the terminal back and asked if I would bring it back to SC with me. Sure, no problem. I have the room, I am nice and gullible like that.

Back in Greenville, and the co-worker and I are talking about the terminal. The co-worker needed me to download it for a merchant. (Which means to put the correct software onto the harddrive.) I do this, no problem. But then I notice that the machine is not printing correctly. I pull out the printing mechanism to make sure that it is seated correctly, and I see some plastic inside the terminal. OK, there should be no plastic in there. So, I grabbed and pulled. And out came a baggie of weed and rolling papers. I busted out laughing.

Long story short, I unknowingly smuggled drugs across state lines so that my friend did not have to take it on a plane. ROTFL....I love my job. Oh, and with the baggie out of the terminal, it worked fine. LOL

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Moving ....Day2

I entitled this Day 2, but I am not sure if that is fair. We have been moving for longer than that. But we left Indiana yesterday. So, I am calling it Day 2. We actually started with the moving truck on Jan. 1st aka our aniversary. Not how I would have preferred to spend our 8th aniversary...but considereing it is for a good cause (moving) we both decided that it was worth it. We were to pick up the truck at noon, but the truck rental place forgot to change the website to show that they were closed on New Year's Day. We got there at 12 and since no one was there we called the corporate office. It took the corporate office a while to find someone that could come to the office and give us the truck that we had reserved. But an hour later, and much cussing on my part, we had a 16 foot moving truck.
We went home and started loading the truck. (With a stop off at Senor Iquana's for lunch.) Tom and I got the washer, the dryer, the couch, the overstuffed chair, the bookselves, and 1/4 of the boxes all in the truck, and then the calvary arrived. (They arrived in the form of Nannie, Pop, Jenn, and the girls.) We were able to get the rest of the truck packed in a little over an hour. We realized that we were not going to get everything in the truck, so we left the electronics at home for the second trip. After the truck was packed, we went for dinner. We had dinner at 5 guys. (If you haven't been there, it is next to the Target on State Street in New Albany, and totally worth it.) After dinner and a detour to Wal-mart we headed home.
We were unable to pack the TV and game system, so we decided that a little video gaming was in order. We started with some drinking and then played the new Scene It 2 game. Afer some more drinking, and some video gaming, well...we didn't exactly finish the same due to the sex and passing out.
The next day we get up and head out. Tom driving the moving van, Tamara in the silver car with the GPS, and the calvary eating breakfast. (The calvary finished eating and then followed. They left a half hour after us but because we had to go so slow due to the moving truck, they beat us to Greenville.)So, we drove, and drove, and oh yay...we drove. (BTW, if you ever think that a night of video games, alcohol, and sex prior to driving 7 hours is a good idea, you would be WRONG.) Finally, at 5:00 we arrive at our apartment complex. We go to the office to get the keys and officially sign our lease. The assistant manager gives us what we need and then informs us that the next day is her last day at our complex. Apparently the business that owns the complex is doing some restructuring and she is going to be working at a different complex. This made me a sad panda because she is really nice. Some one that we could become friends with. This made Tom a sad panda because, well...she has REALLY big boobies.
We head over to our apartment....and OMG. I thought that the model apartment was nice, but our apartment rocks so much more. Not only is it huge, but it also faces the woods. So, when I look out the window there is a beautiful view of this wodded area, with a creek and everything. I am sure that Ben will spend several hours of his life exploring the area.
After we take a look around, we open the moving truck and start unpacking. And yes again, the calvary arrives. (They had headed to their hotel first in order to unload the suitcases.) So, we all started busting ass, and got the entire truck unloaded in less than an hour, which is crazy!!! After killing ourselves with that, we went to find dinner. The first resturant that we stopped out had an hour wait. (I just moved, I'm not waiting an hour on food.) So, we found this other cute hole in the wall called Fried Green Tomatoes. We went there and had good ole country cooking. (And yes, they do have fried green tomatoes on the menu, but it is not the first item which seemed odd.)
After dinner we headed to the hotel room. The calvary captain...aka us rooms at the Hyatt in Greenville. She is smart like that, she knew that we would not want to unpack anything more than the truck prior to crashing. Anyhow, the hotel room was very nice. We took hot baths, watched a little tv, had a little sex, and then passed out.
And now you are all caught up until this morning. Well, mostly. Yesterday when we got to the apartment the electric was on, but the gas was no heat. This morning I called the gas company and asked WTF? The lady on the phone said that it was turned on and that I just needed to check again the water heater to make sure. Whatever...I know how to tell if gas is on, but I said fine. Then I got a call from the cable guy saying that he had time now, so he could come out in the morning instead of at 1 to turn on our cable, internet, and phone service. Tom and I jumped out of bed and flew to the apartment. He was waiting on us and started hooking us up. As he worked on that, I checked the apartment again, but yet heat. I called the gas company back and told them...NO GAS. This time I was told that they would send out a tech. Cool. So, I started unpacking. It took the cable guy an hour or so to finish. He left, but still no gas guy. I called the gas company back, and asked WTF? This lady said that the tech was backed up, but that we were on the list as an emergency. Finally, 6 hours after my original call, and the tech came. He agreed that the gas was not on, and got us taken care of. He was so very nice.
After he left, so did we. We went and got some food, and then headed out. We are currently on the road driving back to the 3rd ring of hell aka Indiana. We are about 10 miles inside of North Carolina. The day is gray and overcast. Sort of like Indiana. I am typing on the laptop with my usb modem, and Tom is driving. (For some reason he thinks it would be a bad idea to allow me to drive the moving truck.) We left the silver car at the apartment, am riding in the moving truck back to Indiana, picking up the rest of our stuff (including our son), and heading back in the moving truck and the blue car tomorrow.
Now you are completely caught up. Aren't you glad that you wasted this time with me? I am. :)