Thursday, June 4, 2009

More health issues

Seriously, I am so effing finished with my health. I am trying to figure out if I can pay someone to just hallow me out and put someone else's insides in me. I mean really, with my crappy health insurance I need to do this all in one lump and then I will be well. And I am tired of the pain. I mean's usually something causing me pain that leads me to the doctor, then once I go to the doctor they wanna run test, test come back that they need to cut on me again. Do we see the pain and expense? Every step is painful and every step cost money. I have asked Tom several times to take an exacto knife and take care of issues. But will he...oh no. Apparently he doesn't have a medical degree so he thinks that makes some kind of difference.

So, I know at this point you may be thinking "Why's she going to be cut open now?" Well, I am not actually going to be cut open. Because it's a girl issue. YUCK! I am having something similar to a D&C and a Hysteroscopy. Now those of you that know medical stuff will know that these aren't big deals. But it's just one more thing. More pain, more expense, more being put under, and I am over it.

On top of that, for the week I have had this pain. Now, this pain is under the scar where I had the surgery last August. So, I go feeling around and yes again there is a lump forming. WTF? I know that my surgeon said that it was a possibility that it would come back. But in less than a year. Grrrr...I haven't told my OBGYN about it. I probably will before I have the other procedure because he may be able to do both at once. Or he may just decide to do a hysterectomy.

And for those of you keeping track, I am also going to the kidney doctor later this month. Before I left Indiana my doctor did a 24 hour urinalysis and said that I seemed to be pouring a lot of protein. He said to have it checked when I got down here. So, once I found a doctor down here I told him. He did a check and when the results came back he didn't even call me. Instead he had his office make me an appointment with a kidney doctor. Which tells me that things haven't gotten better. But I am back on my blood pressure medication. So, instead of having a BP of 176/90 I tested it today and it was 112/69. Hopefully that will help some.

And I am freaking tired of going to new doctor's and going through all of those effing medical questions. Seriously, when I went to the last doctor I went over all of the medical questions. While I was waiting for the doctor I ended up having to find the nurse twice to tell her about things that I had forgotten. And then I left and on the way home I realized I hadn't told her about the pre-cancerous cells I had removed from my arm.

Yup...I am over it. Anyone wanna trade bodies?